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London Architects’ Measured Building Survey Requirements

Measured surveys for architects in London – what they are looking for

If there’s one thing that AURA Surveys understand more than most, it’s what a typical London architect requires when they request a measured building survey.

The founder of AURA Surveys, Ben Richards, also runs a successful architect practice in South West London, AURA Architecture, and set up AURA Surveys to meet the needs of discerning architects across London and the surrounding areas.

Architects have a distinct set of expectations and requirements when selecting a company to carry out their measured building surveys and topographical surveys, as outlined below.

Fast turnaround times

Top architecture firms have to work to tight deadlines at times, and turnaround speed is often a key consideration with things like  surveys.  At AURA surveys, we understand the need for an agile response, and will strive to work to the deadlines you set.

We can typically book you in within 2 days of contacting us and can get your drawings produced within 5 working days from the date that your survey is booked.

Fast turnaround needed on a measured survey or topographical survey? Contact us today, and we’ll be only too pleased to spring into action for you.

High levels of accuracy

Professional architects not only demand high levels of accuracy, they expect it.  Accuracy and attention to detail are core values for any self-respecting architecture practice.

At AURA Surveys, we commit to producing drawings with a maximum accuracy error of +/- 2mm.

With a little extra care and attention at the surveying stage, you can save time, cost, and embarrassing issues later down the line…

State of the art CAD scanning equipment

We use the FARO X 130 3D laser scanner, selected to produce the quality and accuracy that architects expect.

Our skilled surveyors are experienced in using the scanner and the accompanying registration software.

We keep an eye out for the latest modern technological advances in CAD scanning equipment, and will strive to keep right at the cutting edge of CAD scanning technology.

Dependability, consistency, and trustworthiness

As an architect, when you ask someone to do a measured building survey for you, you need to be able to trust them implicitly.  Your client will trust you to use the correct firm for the job, and if you select someone who cuts corners, and the end of the day this is going to reflect badly on you, as the architect, even if you had the best intentions.

AURA Surveys surveying team is the same as the one used by AURA Architecture, who won an award in 2019 as ‘Most Trusted Architecture Firm Greater London’ and also currently score 4.9/5.0 on their Google Reviews, with 16 reviews to date and counting.

High trust saves you time and hassle too.  We’re sure it won’t be long before you feel confident to trust our surveying team implicitly, and avoid the need supervise us while on site – potentially saving hours of your valuable time.

Consistency is another important attribute of a good surveying team.  AURA’s surveying team is small and controlled, and is not outsourced, meaning we can be confident of delivering the same levels of accuracy and service every time.

Dependability is absolutely crucial, no one likes to hear lame excuses when the vital measurements are late, and architects in particular need to know the date and time the survey is taking place, and then things need to happen on schedule.  Of course, unexpected events can disrupt even the most carefully laid plans, but we believe they should be the exception not the rule.  With a bit of advance planning to gain the necessary site access permissions, and by allowing time for variables such as London traffic jams, we set out to be your reliable partner, delivering the information you need, and when you need it.

How much does a measured survey cost in London?

Please see our pricing page for the typical costs of a Building Measurement Survey, optional REVIT Model, and Topo (Site) Surveys.

The exact prices will be quoted project by project, but we trust that this gives you a good indication, allowing you to quote your clients based on these typical costs, ahead of giving us the go ahead to conduct the survey.

Request A Measured Building Survey Quote

Please contact us today: ring 0333 335 5085, or email, or please fill out our online quote request form.

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